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What Is Website Redesigning And Why You Will Need It?

website redesign

Website designing — why you will need it? Well, a business website is a platform that bridges the gap between your business and potential customers. When the bridge is damaged or not built properly; potential customers will not cross it. Thousands of business owners in the world face this issue today. If your business website isn’t generating any leads and conversions; now it is the time to consider redesigning it. What is website redesigning? Who should you hire for it? We cover such topics in this article; enjoy!

In a world where billions of people buy products and services online, can you afford to have a poorly-built website? Let’s say you did hire a “cheap” freelance web designer, and he/she did design a website for your business. Will that website generate any leads or conversion? Within a few months, you will realize that it is not. And, this is the point where you should take a step backward and find out the cause of it. As a business owner, you don’t have the required skills and knowledge to determine issues with the design and so on. So, you should immediately contact a web redesigning company or a web design company in your city. Don’t contact the same freelancer who previously designed your business website. He/she can’t fix it for you.

What is website redesign?

The whole purpose of a business website is clear — boosting your image in the market; generating more sales; answering potential customers’ questions, and increased web traffic are the aims of a business website today. If your current business website doesn’t fulfill these crucial factors; the redesigning company will perform several tests to determine the cause(s.) An experienced website redesigner can detect the issues just by performing a simple visual test. Website redesigning differs from website developing in many ways. For example, a client may have a website that drives traffic but does not convert. Then, the web redesign project will focus more on boosting conversion rates. Or, a client may have a business website that ranks on the Google’s 5th page. Then, the website redesign project will focus on ranking, conversions, and so on.

Why business owners go through this issue?

Well, the reason behind this often-heard issue is amateur, unprofessional web designers. Yes, they are ones who design websites that don’t meet the set standards. These designers are cheap, so the business owners who want to save money as much as they can hire them. Also, outdated websites lack credibility. Below is a list of reasons behind this common issue:

  • Outdated, unprofessional, or amateur websites lack credibility.
  • Poor content that doesn’t answer potential customers’ questions.
  • Black hat SEO strategies.
  • Non-responsiveness.
  • Slow loading time.

Above-said reasons will make the potential customers turn away from your website.

How long should you wait before considering website redesign?

A newly-built business website can take a few months to show results. So, giving it a chance for 2-4 months is advisable here. Anyway, you will start to see some results sooner. Your newly-built website may not take a spot in the Google’s first search page, but you will experience an increase in traffic and sales within the first month or so. Website redesigning has similarities to developing a completely new website. Converting potential customers to your clients is the top aim here. Well, you can determine it yourself as the business owner whether your website needs redesigning. Visit your website and ask these questions yourself:

  1. Is my business website navigatable?
  2. Can I update the website myself?
  3. How many visitors become my clients after visiting the website?
  4. Does the website represent my business?
  5. Does the content answer potential customers’ questions and explains my business well to them?
  6. Do the competitors in the market have more functional websites than mine?

More “NOs” suggests that you should consider redesigning immediately. You can’t survive in the market for long without having a website that converts. A quick tip: a well-functioning business website is not something optional these days; it is a must-have.

Who should you hire now?

Well, don’t hire freelance designers. Instead, hire a company that has developed a name in the industry over its service history. Companies are there that are specialized in redesigning services, or you can hire a top-class web developing/designing company in your city. Why should you hire a company; not a freelancer? Developing a business website that converts is a full-process that focuses on design, SEO, and so on. So, a full-team of experts has to be there to fulfill each crucial factor. A freelance web designer, on the other hand, will either outsource the services that are beyond his/her capabilities or ignore them. As a result, your business website will not generate anything positive for your business again.

The latest statistics show that most of the world’s leading brands hire servicing companies, not freelancers.

How much will it cost?

Well, commenting on an exact price is difficult as it can vary depending on what changes have to be made to your website. If the whole design is a disaster; the redesign company will have to do more to fix your business website. Then, obviously, they will charge you more for their complete service. Anyway, the money you invest in a redesign project will generate more for you in the long run, also; will protect your business from becoming just a failure.

Well, we should talk about the mobile-friendliness or the responsiveness in detail here. If you did design your website by an amateur designer or a freelancer who does have much knowledge of responsiveness; the redesign company will have to focus on it too. This is the challenging part of the process. The website redesign company will have to change the page layout and navigation to make your business website perform well on screens of all the sizes. Don’t worry though. They can do it for, and they will do it at affordable rates.

Some final words

So, now you know what to expect from a website redesign project. Developing a completely new website or redesign the existing one? Well, you should talk with the company you are considering and let them decide which option is the better one. Either way, you are going to get a new life to your business website and the business. So, don’t think twice about investing money in it. Anyway, you should hire the right company that will get it right for you and will not waste your time and money again.