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Quality SEO is Expensive, But you should Invest Money in It

quality seo is expensive

Search engine optimization – an effective digital marketing strategy that suits businesses of all scales and shapes. Over the past few years, the demand for SEO is skyrocketing. Every business owner now focuses on getting his/her website on the Google’s first search page, and SEO is the digital marketing strategy that can make it happen. Is digital marketing strategies expensive more than ever today? Well, all we can say is this, “quality digital marketing strategies including SEO are not cheap.” So, if you are a business owner who wishes for cheap services; we have bad news for you. Hiring cheap services will ruin your business sooner than you ever imagined.

Why quality SEO is expensive?

Well, we should discuss this fact in detail here. In reality, ranking a website on the Google’s first search page is a mirage today. Millions of business owners across the world want their business websites to be on the Google’s first search page. How can digital marketing companies rank that many websites on the first search page? With the increase in the number of online/e-commerce businesses; Google and other search engines have made the process difficult. In other words, search engines have made the reality of ranking a website on the first search page more difficult, and they have done it to increase the user-friendliness. We can’t blame the search engines for making the process difficult because the scammers in the industry used to misuse the system, decreasing user-friendliness. Even now, some digital marketing companies use black hat strategies to rank their clients’ website in top positions. Genuine SEO companies, on the other hand; use strategies that are approved by Google and other major search engines. Such companies should employ a full-staff to get all the crucial SEO strategies right for you. So, can they provide quality services at cheap rates? A digital marketing company has to afford thousands of dollars in employee salaries. Qualified content writers, SEO experts, web designers, and web developers are expensive to hire in Australia.

Search engine optimization is a long-term process

The digital marketing company you have hired has to do numerous things to get your business website on the Google’s first search page. From performing the initial audit to implementing the right SEO strategy and generating organic traffic is an ongoing process, and the company has to work on it, spending hours of their working time. Can you expect them to be cheap so? Of course, a scammer in the industry will implement some black hat strategies to make it happen; their low prices will satisfy you for a few weeks. But, when you start to experience the side effects of black hat strategies such as a Google penalty; you are too late. Then, you will again hire a genuine SEO company to recover your website from the Google penalty and to start the process from the very beginning. Let’s say it took six months to all that happen. So, all your competitors are six months ahead of you. Can you afford it as a business owner?

Keyword and market research

Quality search engine optimization starts with a thorough keyword and market research. The experts in the digital marketing company then carefully select the right keywords that will attract your targeted audience. The market research reveals you what products and services readily sold in your city, giving you an idea of what products and services to sell to make more money. Such tasks take time and the expert in the company has to work hard on them. And, that is why quality SEO is expensive today.

Digital marketing firms that promise the impossible

In reality, white hat search engine optimization can take a few months to show you promising results. That is because market research and implementing a robust strategy according to your business needs can take longer. Anyway, a group of digital marketing companies is there that promises instant results. Maybe they are scammers or they do it to attract more clients. Should you hire such service providers? Nobody can rank your business website on the Google’s first search page within 48 hours. So, it is safe to say that such companies implement black hat strategies to generate instant results. Why do you take a risk of facing a Google penalty by hiring such service providers? That way, you are jeopardizing your website and the online business. In summary, black hat SEO may seem cheap in the beginning, but it will get more expensive later because you will have to spend more money to fix the downsides of implementing such strategies. Perhaps, you will have to start the process from the very beginning – developing a new website, implements SEO, and work on generating leads, sales, and conversions.

How much quality digital marketing can get expensive?

Large-scale business owners spend over $10,000 on digital marketing (on average.) We know that small business owners can’t $10,000 a month. Some companies only charge $200-$300 a month from clients. Can a digital marketing company implement a genuine SEO strategy that will generate more sales, leads, and conversions for $200-$300 a month? Well, they might do something for your business, but spending just $300 a month will never make you a leader in your industry. Top-class digital marketing companies are there that charge $5000 as the starting price. It is all about services provider’s reputation. They have ranked hundreds of clients’ websites in top search pages over their service history. So, they know that business owners will readily pay more to hire them as the SEO partner. Think about the future of your business. You did start it as a long-term investment that will change your life positively. Some investors spend millions of dollars on starting a new business. So, don’t think twice about spending thousands of dollars in a top-class digital marketing firm that does what is promised. Let’s say you spend $5000 on SEO a month. You can get double or even the triple the money in return through increased online sales. That is your dream as a business owner, doesn’t it?

Some final words

Quality digital marketing strategies including search engine optimization are expensive, and it is a fact.

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