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Web maintenance Service

PMGS Digital Marketing strives to create a wonderful user experience for its clients by delivering flawless website maintenance, our team works in a sensible and professional manner by providing the best return on your investments.
web maintenance

PMGS Digital Marketing

Whether you’re a small business or a big corporation, our reliable website solutions are affordable and tailored to your requirements. With friendly and proficient support, you can be assured your website is in good hands.

Our website maintenance includes:

  • Editing content
  • Inserting texts and images
  • Web page layout
  • SEO content and more

Website firewalls Services

The team at PMGS Digital Marketing cares about your website security – that’s why we have designed a simple website firewall configuration that will work effortlessly on all types of platforms, including WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. With more than X+ happy clients, we are a reputable company specialising in providing our customers with flawless security keeping the end user/customer at the forefront of what we do.
Looking to provide your website with the protection and security it deserves?

Look no further! / Ensure you’re getting the best and most reliable service with PMGS!

customers would like their website to look

Website Monitoring

If your website crashes, we’ll fix it before you hear about it from your customers.

Website platform

We’ll keep you up to date on the latest platform updates on social media.

Website changes

We can make small changes to your existing website at a low cost.

Website security

We’ll install and configure security software on your website for your peace of mind.

Website backup

We’ll do daily backups and keep up to 300 copies for 30 days. Just a click to restore.

Local team support

Our team will be ready to support you whenever you need assistance with your website.

DDos Mitigation

Huge bandwidth bills and excessive downtimes on your website? This may be due to the DDos, or distributed denial of service attacks. The increasing likelihood of these attacks are a threat to your business and can easily disrupt the effectiveness of your website through service performance or by shutting it down entirely. With our activated website firewall, you can protect your website with DDos mitigation.

Brute Force Defense

Brute force attacks are gain popularity where an immense number of hackers use various methods to hack your username and password, giving them unlimited access to your website. We’ll ensure the safety and security of your business and website through our website firewall service.

Malware protection

Website firewalls helps prevent unwanted guests such as malware infecting your website. From stealing your valuable credentials to installing viruses, these attacks can damage your brand reputation. By using our website firewalls, you can rest assured your brand and website is protected.

Performance optimisation

Did you know website firewalls can not only increase your websites security, but also improve the performance? Our website firewalls will ensure you are both protected from attacks and optimised for your customers.

Prevent website attacks and hacks

Weak codes are one of the main factors behind website hacks. Hackers will try numerous means to crack weak codes and gain access to your website. Stop hackers from exploiting website vulnerabilities through our website firewall services.

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