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Have you started a website? How do you see if your website is doing?
Are there enough of visitors to your page?

For A Website, Seo Is King As It Helps You To Get Enough Of Traffic To Your Business.

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How Should You Look Into A Full Seo Audit?

Looking into certain key elements will help to make your audit more promising. That’s why there are three major criteria you should be looking at.

Hosting And Indexing

You must ensure that your hosting platform and your indexability will give any problems. Sometimes, an algorithm may change and that may be the fault.

Seo Content, Images, Meta Titles

An audit is basically running a test on your website and finding if there is something wrong with it. Generally, these are important data which should be checked and re-checked in terms of the SEO analysis.

Links And Outside References

When you are trying to create content, don’t you generally try and link up a website or two? Well, sometimes, your linking can get a little out of hand. Why because sometimes links can break oftentimes, if they are not secure enough through the SEO analysis audit.

These are the key elements that you should be able to identify and see when you are doing SEO analysis auditing. When we are looking into an SEO audit, we must ensure that all of our data and websites are secure and healthy.

Site Health

With a site check from SEO Analysis you can get see whether your site is healthy or not. As some of the SEO audit reports give a very detailed graphic information in regards to how the SEO is and whether there are any errors as such.

Crawled Pages

This shows how Google’s crawlabilty on your website works. For instance, if a customer is searching for SEO and your website has the keyword SEO; Google reads it and puts it up on the search results page. This graph shows how well, your site did in terms of crawlability with Google’s search results.


Errors are considered to have issues that need to be changed in terms of content and images, and layouts. Errors come in red flags which make a significant change of traffic to your blog/website.


Warnings are just minor orange flags which should be settled but also its not as big mistakes like errors are. So, it’s technically all right to ignore as well. These kinds of orange flags generally pop up when it is a technical issue and has something to do with Java or CSS files.


It’s a sort of recommendation so, it does little or no impact whatsoever to your website. But, these are to be remembered in case you want to make your site better. When you are auditing your website, you need to make sure to check for these issues. So, you can get the best for your website. Software like SEMrush offer technical SEO audits and other such details that are important for SEO related necessities.

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Meta Titles

These are what a search engine uses to browse through the titles and see if the SEO keywords are in it, this helps to build a good SEO content relevance. Typically, this is about 60 – 70 characters.

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Meta Descriptions

A meta description comprises of 160-360 characters and generally when you are writing content you must be able to write the keywords within the first few characters to generate a good SEO review

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Content is key, to any website. It’s all about, what you write and how you write it. Using SEO words and keywords are a good way to build crawlability and traffic to your website. The truth is, the more semantically related your SEO content is, the better Google can search for your site.

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Art Work

Artwork, makes an article/blog or website attractive. How many of us actually read and article? And how many of scroll through images? Well, that settles it, then yea… SEO checkers help a business website/blog or article to increase, by allowing web designers to edit and fix the issues that the checkers show us.

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We Have been Empowered SME Over a Decade

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