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Its easy for your business to get lost in the endless online ocean of google and its search results. Don’t be intimidated, you can implement an expert digital marketing strategy with PMGS to take your business to the top of your customers search.

Why Google AdWords?

Google Ads allows businesses to drive relevant traffic to their websites and blogs. This particular advertising systems works based on the keywords a customer searches to present the most relevant and trusted website. Business bid on how much a potential client will click on their page.

Google AdWords auction

Have you ever heard of pay-per-click? Google Ads is Google’s advertising system where businesses can bid on certain key words for their ads to appear at the top of Google’s search results. You pay for each person that clicks on your ads, thus the name ‘pay-per-click’.
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These are a crucial element to online marketing – keywords help your potential customers find your business when they use them as search terms with Google, and they help Google decide if your product is relevant to the searching audience. Adwords allow business to place their ads at the top of Google searches when particular keywords are searched.

Ad Location

This refers to the position your ad ranks in the google search results. Paid ads appear at the top of the page and are tagged with ‘Ad’ in the corner. Display ads can appear as a set of images and products at the top with the paid ads. Everything else that appears after the paid ads are called organic results.

Age, location, and language

This helps you to narrow down the broader audience into your potential customers and the right people to target for your website. Google uses a special algorithm to decide which audience to display the relevant ads to.

Days, time, and frequency

This helps Google Ads to interpret how long an ad will be displayed. Sometimes businesses will keep the ads displayed for just 5 to 10 minutes for their potential customers to view.


No matter which device you use – whether it be a laptop, mobile phone, or tablet – as long as a google account is logged in to the device, ads will be displayed.

Manage your campaigns

This helps you maintain the number of accounts you have for you business. It also comes with offline editors and other software which will be beneficial to keeping tabs for all your business accounts.

What is pay-per-click (PPC)?

Pay-per-click (PPC) is how Google Ads monitor the success rate of a business or company website. It helps you see how well your customers are responding to the advertisements you placed in the Google search. As you only pay for each customer that actually clicks on the ad, you pay per click on the ad (hence the name).

Most people tend not to scroll down and go to next pages of search results. Instead, it is the first or second links that appear in the search results that get the most clicks. This is how an advertisement is useful in monitoring the success of an online business.
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PPC marketing: how does it work?

Pay-per-click is a marketing strategy which allows your business to drive traffic to your product or service. The way it works is you create an ad for your business, and you pay for each customer that clicks your ad to go to your website.

PPC Keyword Research

Keywords are an essential target for SEO digital marketing companies and to PPC as they are all connected. Most of our devices are connected digitally, which helps PPC to connect and find us whenever we are online. The keywords help to establish an advert with a customer about what product or service may appeal to them, and is dependent on the customers choice of search terms. To target the words, you must understand these concepts:


The PPC keywords should be relevant to the product or service you are offering to your customers.


This means your keywords should not only contain the keywords of your business, but also the alternative words and phrases customers may use that can help with your PPC research.

This advertising system is useful to your business in helping you gain more traffic in a short span of time.

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