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We help increase the quality of traffic to your website while boosting sales and offering significant savings compared to other Melbourne-based digital marketing agencies.


Among the SEO Melbourne Consultant Services We Offer

We are a Google Accredited SEO Consultant Melbourne agency that offers clients a results-driven strategy for businesses throughout the country.

SEO Service

Search engine optimization services with a good return on investment.

Web Development

Professional web development, including WordPress and eCommerce websites.

Social Media Marketing

Monitored and managed social media marketing services to ensure positive ROI returns.

Google Adwords

We provide the highest level of Google Ads management as an official Google partner agency.

Web Design

We focus on websites that rank high on Google organically while providing an incredible conversion rate.

SEO Consultant

About PMGS - SEO Consultant Melbourne

We are flourishing to great heights because of our wide variety of quality services, such as website design and search engine optimization. We keep our approach simple because our services are uncomplicated to use, effective, and innovative. Our SEO Melbourne consultant service can help your online business take to the skies.

We are SEO Consultants in Melbourne with a team with over 10+ years of real digital marketing expertise. We’ve all previously worked for agencies, learning from what has and hasn’t worked in the past. Using this experience, we believe that our transparent digital growth strategies are the most successful and inexpensive for small to medium-sized businesses and big companies in Melbourne and Australia. As demonstrated by our 5* star ratings and numerous Google position 1 rankings, we areh1 optimistic that our expertise can be applied to even the most technical sectors. As a result of these factors, we have established ourselves as one of Melbourne’s top SEO consultants.

We may transform any of the typical mistakes and shortcomings of agencies into real assets by accumulating expertise. So, we’ve created some of our own approaches to address common problems for many businesses. Websites that manage order processing from start to end hunt down unpaid invoices and keep track of employee working hours. Marketing automation and sales automation are where we think the world is heading in terms of digitalization. And we are moving toward such technologies, as well.

Our SEO Consultant Melbourne Team

We begin by understanding your target audience and then establish an SEO marketing plan to achieve success. In addition, we established an appealing website that could produce high-quality leads in a short period. If you need some design and revamping, we are happy to help. Aside from these, we provide social media marketing, blog and content creation, online marketing, hosting, Google Ads, and maintenance. Technology evolves, and so do we.

In recent years, internet usage has evolved from PCs to mobile phones and tablets. Keeping this in mind, our SEO Melbourne consultants focus more on developing and creating a website layout best suited for desktops, tablets, and mobiles and allows for full navigation and visibility of content.

Our team is the heart of the company. Every member has had digital agency experience throughout the years, and we have used that knowledge to develop and enhance the service that we aim for. Our team of SEO Consultants in Melbourne advances from important technical and support positions to project and account management for multinational businesses through this expertise. Given how fast-paced the industry is, we believe that each person should specialize in a small subset of digital services, guaranteeing that they are always at the top of their game.

SEO Consultant Melbourne
SEO Consultant Melbourne

PMGS SEO Consultant in Melbourne

PMGS has continued to grow its pool of committed experts to offer a comprehensive online marketing solution. We’ve all seen the faults of other marketing firms and used them to our advantage by investing heavily in our own internal systems and increasing process efficiency. This has allowed us to focus on providing a high-quality and comprehensive service to our clients, which comes highly recommended.

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