Lead People with
What They Want and When They Want Through Social Media Ads

Lead People with What They Want and When They
Want Through Social Media Ads

Why social media ads?

With most social media advertising channels constantly upgrading and new ones sprouting daily, social ad spending, particularly on video and mobile, has skyrocketed.

Social media platforms are where consumers are hanging out and spending more time—and this is where businesses must be. But wait, there’s a catch. Social media is an individual’s domain to which you are not always welcome. So, you need to figure out which place you want to be a part of and how to get there. When done right, social media ads are extraordinary. If you do it wrong, it will bite you in the backside and then some. When it comes to paid social advertising, finding the proper mix is crucial.

Why social media ads

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Why Choose PMGS for Social Media Ads?

Social media has taken over the globe, and you can bet that every prospective client has some social media on their smartphone. And this presents a tremendous opportunity for businesses, whether worldwide or local, to extend their wings and interact with a diverse variety of consumers and customers. We assist business owners with setting up social media profiles to expand their audience and reach out to particular consumers about their goods and services. Our one-of-a-kind approach to social media advertising puts you at the top of every online marketer.

Our Extensive Selection of Social Media Ads and Marketing Solutions

social media platforms

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook is the world's second most popular website, producing billions of "likes" every day, while Instagram just passed 1 billion monthly active users! Because Facebook and Instagram targeting is precise and granular, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to a social advertising campaign. And this will vary depending on the customer and the campaign. Whether you want to raise brand recognition, encourage sign-ups, drive traffic, promote an event, or increase conversions, PMGS can help.

YouTube Ads

Predictably, YouTube is the most popular digital channel for video advertising on the internet. We can plan, script, create and edit your YouTube ads at PMGS. We may also create banner advertisements that will appear in the frame. Our social media and PPC experts can then support you in managing your YouTube advertising strategies by optimizing your ad's target audience, helping with the cost-per-view bidding process, selecting the best ad style depending on your budget and objectives, and more.


Twitter is an undoubtedly useful, strategic online advertising platform, with the potential to target consumers based on geographic area, followers of particular accounts, discussion topics, usernames, interests, hashtags, and much more. Twitter is an option not to be missed, with these targeted audiences, minimal cost per click, and only pay when your marketing goals are reached.


LinkedIn connects 450 million individuals and nearly 3 million companies, yet its audience distinguishes it from other social networking sites. LinkedIn may be your best option if your primary target group is educated professionals with job experience. And LinkedIn is also the perfect tool to help your company acquire consumers and expand based on your business and marketing objectives. Are you attempting to reach out to a professional audience? Please make an appointment with us now!

Digital Public Relations and Outreach

You pay for advertising, but you pray for public relations! For companies, digital PR often plays a significant role, and your brand positioning will impact your online voice. Integrating PR content and digital media outreach is critical for increasing brand recognition, as is combining offline and online advertising for a smooth user experience.

The Advantages of PMGS's Social Media Ads Strategy for Your Business

We place social media at the core of tomorrow’s brands. Our specialized approach integrates brand and performance, rapidly approaching culture, connecting with communities, and presenting complicated stories via creative ecosystems. Here are some of the advantages of using our social media advertising service:

We have a well-thought-out plan

Strategy is where we envision, plan, and execute. It's where we go deep into the data to unearth the priceless insight that will revolutionize everything. It's where we put your vision into action and create a strategy to get you from where you are now to where you want to go.

We are innovative when it comes to social media advertisements

Creativity is the process through which we bring our ideas to life. Convert your ideas into action. Ideas are put into action. It's where we produce interesting, engaging, and attention-grabbing content for social media ads. The kind of content that drowns out the background noise, giving you the lion's share of attention.

We know social media from A to Z

We communicate with the rest of the world via the media. We find out how to contact the appropriate individuals at the correct time and place. It's where we add power to creativity to make it sing louder in social media ads. We know what makes consumers click, from paid advertising to social commerce.

We do more than just social media ads. We also manage all of them

We bridge the dots via social media management. Consider it your eyes and ears, both behind the scenes and on the front lines. It is the point at which the feedback loop between operations and reporting is closed. And this is where we make meaning of the information so that you can make sense of everything else.

Get in Touch with Melbourne's Number One Social Media Ads Agency

There are almost 4 billion users on social media, and the number is growing every year. And this implies that your consumers, regardless of the sector in which your business operates, use social media regularly. Keeping them engaged and connected to your business is critical, so you’re always their first choice. 

Why not place your brand where they’re currently scrolling? That is why it is important to invest money in social media ads. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.