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Social media advertising

Social media has a major impact on a businesses online presence – it allows businesses to not only share their products and services, but also connect and interact with their customers.

At PMGS digital marketing,

We help business owners to set up their social media accounts to grow their audience and reach out to their specific customers about their products and services.
Social media has taken the world by storm, and you can guarantee that every potential customer has a form of social media on their devices.
This provides a huge opportunity for businesses to spread their wings and connect with a wide range of audiences and customers, whether they be an international or local brand.
Beyond being a point of connection for friends and family, social media is becoming the worlds largest marketplace, allowing businesses to expand and build their audience at a fast pace.
Even a small business has the potential with social media to grow an engaged and targeted audience.
Social media takes work to become successful – you have to invest time and energy into creating content people will want to follow, and you can seek out help from the experts to get the most out of social media for your business.


You can place ads across all forms of social media to reach your audience wherever they are. How does social media advertising work in Melbourne? Sponsored ads are how businesses can create and place ads directly in front of their potential customers when they are engaging in social media.


These are a crucial element to online marketing – keywords help your potential customers find your business when they use them as search terms with Google, and they help Google decide if your product is relevant to the searching audience. Adwords allow business to place their ads at the top of Google searches when particular keywords are searched.

Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads are a popular way businesses can utilise the platform to better reach their potential customers. Each day, the social media platform improves and adjusts the algorithm to help businesses sell their products.

Live Streams

This feature – available through a variety of social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok – help customers engage with your brand and see how your products or service work. You can use this feature to test out your products and get real customer feedback from your audience.


Images are some of the most popular content to view, share and interact with – create attractive content of your products for customers to get a sense of your brand and hopefully translate to them wanting to come to your store or website.

Promoting a photo

There are a number of ways to have your content promoted, one of the simplest ways the Instagram algorithm determines a “quality” post to promote is the amount of likes it receives. Consider what your audience would like to see and have your posts reach more people.



Since 2004, Facebook has been one of the most popular social media platforms encompassing an International audience and limitless potential to connect. Businesses can take advantage of the wide range of Facebook groups and services to reach their audience.

Facebook Ads

Businesses commonly use Facebook Ads to drive traffic to their website and build their audience thanks to the functionality of the ads to redirect audiences and capture their attention. These ads and audience targeting features are some of the easiest ways to attract your clients.


This is one of Facebooks most useful options for businesses where you can target your audience from any part of the world.

Target audience

From age, to interests, to pages liked, Facebook allows you to target your audience down to the highly specific. This is ideal for business to reach their customers with their product and service offerings.

Promotion photos

Similar to Instagram, businesses have options to promote photos and posts to improve their reach (i.e. how many people see the post). This is an ideal way to showcase your best products.



YouTube is a video sharing platform where anyone can show off their videos and talents. It’s also a valuable resource – many people use YouTube for the tutorials and instructional videos. The audio-visual nature of videos help us to understand the material presented clearer.

YouTube Ads

If you use YouTube, you’re probably all too familiar with this – you’re watching a video, and then the Vlogger says to click on a link in the description or a link that appears on the video…

That’s YouTube advertising you.

YouTube uses a number of influencers to help them market their products. As a matter of fact, business send out sample kits to influencers with discount codes to help them market their products to you.

Another form of YouTube ads are the short videos that appear before the actual video and throughout the video you may be watching. The ads can be skipped by the viewer and allow businesses to add links for the audience to follow through.


Twitter is not a platform where you can share products or function as a marketplace – it is more of a general newsfeed for your favourite store and business, as well as local and international news. An influencer or business owner can easily share updates on their company and products.

Social media has become an interesting part of our modern world. Instead of using TV and radio, we have a diverse range of digital forms for businesses to market their products and service. It’s all out there, and anyone can take advantage of it. Whether it be through social platforms or any other means, digital marketing is crucial in a brand establishing an online presence.

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