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What is Keyword Research?

what is keyword research

In today’s digital age, businesses of all proportions are trying to rank on top of the search engines. One of the key factors that can make or break the success of any search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign is keyword research because the right keywords will bring you victory and the wrong keywords will either bring no results or negatively impact by increasing bounce rate. In this article, we will look at what is keyword research, the difference between keyword planner and keyword tools, and how keyword research Melbourne can benefit local businesses.

What does Keyword Research mean?

Keyword research is where you start identifying the most relevant and high-traffic keywords and phrases that your target audience is using when searching for your product or service. These keywords are then incorporated into the website content, Meta tags, and other digital marketing materials to optimise the website for search engines.

Keyword research is critical and cannot be overstated. It can improve a website’s search engine ranking, drive traffic, and increase sales if done correctly. However, if done incorrectly, it can result in wasted time and money, as well as a failed SEO campaign.

Keyword Planner vs. Keyword Tool – Comparison

Google’s Keyword Planner and keyword tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush are two few of the most common tools used for keyword research. Despite the fact that all programs are used to locate and examine keywords, there are some significant distinctions between them.

The free Google Keyword Planner tool offers information with insights such as monthly search volume and level of competition for particular keywords. It is a helpful tool for companies that are just getting started with keyword research and have not higher budgets to be spent on SEO but this would be the most ideal way for business to do keyword research in Melbourne or around the globe. Keyword research in Melbourne can be called Local SEO and through Google keyword planner the user has the ability to choose locations as well to see which words works best while doing keyword research in Melbourne.

Google keyword planner is a component of the Google ads platform which helps you gain more insight into the search volume of terms that are pertinent to a particular region, language, or device. This can be pointed as one of the major benefits because the data in this can be helpful for businesses that are targeting a local audience, for instance like those operating in Melbourne.

However, one of the disadvantage that the Keyword Planner is that it does not provide data about long-tail keywords, which are phrases that consist of three or more words. Long-tail keywords are often less competitive than short-tail keywords and can be valuable for niche businesses since their customers actually know what they are looking for which would help them search in the best terms. Furthermore, Keyword Planner does not provide information on the keyword difficulty or backlink opportunities.

This is where keyword tools such as Ahrefs and SEMrush enter to play a wider role. These tools provide more in-depth information on the competition level for each keyword, the search volume trends over time, and the backlink opportunities for each keyword. They can also identify the keywords that competitors are ranking for, which can provide valuable insights for building an effective SEO strategy by benchmarking the competitors and strategizing on how to be a step ahead of the competitors.

However, unlike Keyword Planner, these tools require a paid subscription, which can be expensive for small businesses that are just starting with SEO. But, if a business can afford the investment, these tools can provide a significant competitive advantage by providing detailed insights on the keyword landscape which would help a business to plan out its SEO more strategically.

Keyword Research Melbourne

For businesses operating in Melbourne, it is essential to understand the importance of localised keyword research which is also called Local SEO. Local SEO involves identifying the specific keywords and phrases that your target audience is using when searching for your product or service in the Melbourne area.

Local SEO is particularly important for small businesses that are targeting a specific geographical area. By using localised keywords, businesses can improve their visibility on search engines, attract more targeted traffic to their website, and increase sales. Furthermore, Local SEO can help a businesses to compete with larger businesses that are targeting a broader audience.

One of the main benefits of Local SEO is that it allows businesses to identify the specific phrases that their target audience is using when searching for their product or service. For example, a business that sells coffee in Melbourne may want to target keywords such as “best coffee in Melbourne,” “Melbourne coffee shops,” or “Melbourne coffee roasters.” By incorporating these keywords into their website content, they can improve their search engine ranking and attract more targeted traffic to their website.

In conclusion, each digital marketing strategy should include SEO keyword research. To increase your online exposure and increase traffic to your website, it entails selecting the most relevant keywords that your target audience is searching for and optimising your website and content around those keywords.