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Things Web Designers Do to Protect Websites from Hackers

protect websites from hackers

Web development and web designing are the most sought after career options today for youngsters. The work here is interesting with new challenges every day. Creating a new and novel website for a business requirement and maintaining it with continuous security upgrades are the basic requirement of a web development team. With plenty of online frauds reported, identity thefts by vicious hackers; website security management has become a major issue. Web design Melbourne community has come up with a list of things that web designers can do to protect the websites from hackers and other malicious practitioners.

Software updates

Web designers know that hackers create automatic scripts to identify the website’s vulnerability. Hence it is a mandatory step to keep all the software used on the website up to date. This tip helps to blog websites or discussion forums or CMS sites where there are plenty of content and a lot of unknown visitors. Also when designers prefer to use managed hosting solutions to host their websites, these security upgrades are done automatically at the severed end and hence customers are offered better protection. Similarly, when web designers prefer to use WordPress for their CMS website, the software tool comes with notify option that will highlight whenever a new software upgrade is available online.

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Security tip

“Choosing the right tool to build a website and selecting the most secured hosting service are choices that web designers have to make to keep their sites protected”.

Clean design

To make the website free from security issues, it is very important for web design Melbourne creative team to plan a neat and clean design of the web page. Unnecessary inclusion of an advertisement in banners or including file download forms in the website can lead to harmful virus attacks. With such loopholes, hackers can easily plant their infectious programs that get downloaded along with the file the user is searching for. Also when one is integrating payment gateways for an e-commerce website, it is mandatory to include security checks before the initiation of the transaction so that there is no problem later on. Such minute details have to be given importance at the design phase so that customers can enjoy the awesome experience while using websites.

Security tip

Using certified standard tools like Google AdSense for integrating sponsored advertisements makes websites secured and still helps to generate revenues.

Captcha tests

Building business websites with SSL certificates and continuous review of security features in the website’s framework and design are the best ways to keep security threats at bay. In order to increase the security checks especially in shopping websites or content management sites, Captcha codes can be used to validate forms where data is entered and a user has to press submit to enter the data into the website. Captcha code differentiates whether the user is a human or robot wherein user has to type a series of letters or numbers as displayed in front of their eye. With these security checks in place, web designers can ensure complete safety of the site.

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Any website is a representation of a new business opportunity for the clients. Even a small security breach issue will leave a bad remark on the website development team. Being a web designer, one has just not to look after the usability and efficiency of a website, they should also approve on how safe it is to use the website or update user level information. These aspects mentioned above, makes the web design Melbourne aspiring designers extra alert and this drives them with a contentment of creating the best-protected environment for an online business.