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New Trends in Website Security Enhancements

New Trends in Website Security Enhancements ft 2

Cybercrime and phishing incidents have increased over years. A simple website design too involves complex security management solution to keep the data safe and protected. Though organizations preach how valuable data is security and any breech / manhandling of data is punishable, there are notorious minds who aim to cause trouble to the society. Banks, CRM, ERP solutions based companies work hard day and night to keep a vigil on their data which is their customer’s vested interest and trust on them. Physical security guards can hardly help in situations when the culprit is sitting in one corner of the world, trying to hack the account online. Hence to combat cybercrime, website security has to be doubled or tripled using the same technology. Here are few latest trends in website security enhancements that will protect the integrity of the business:

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Multiple authentication based access

The first and finest website security management is to plan a multilevel authentication before entering into any transaction. This way the security gateway is strengthened and also the users can be super sure of what they are doing. Digital signatures, OTP password generation etc. are some examples where multilevel access check is performed to keep the data safe and secure.

Freeware Malware detection

Web based applications need a lot of advertisement and promotional content to popularize their brand. While in this plan of action, there could be a hacker who is trying to breach the security of the website by posting an advertisement that could be dangerous. Thus the website security trend to monitor any new installation of a freeware or malware is an ideal option that will alert the website security management team in advance and they can combat against the treachery.

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Unauthorized cloud access restriction

The latest buzz word in digital world is cloud computing. With plenty of cloud based applications there are chances for data to go in wrong hands. Hence as a matter of caution, one must not let any unsanctioned cloud access in the web based application. If the website infrastructure is managed by an IT team, then any new cloud access request has to be properly handled and executed.

Website security techniques too have grown leaps and bounds as hackers have found continuous means to trouble the equilibrium. Gone are the days when an anti-virus package or a firewall could do the damage control and can keep the website along with the data safe. Today’s websites need much more advanced and strict security measures and luckily there are plenty of data loss prevention and threat visualization techniques available in the online market that will help one to save their customer’s trust and as well as their information.