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PMGS, We are located in Melbourne, a team of young energetic & creative minds. All our web design projects are done 100% in Melbourne locally, so website design process with PMGS will be smoother.
web design melbourne

Web Design Melbourne By PMGS DIGITAL, Who Are We? Why?

website design melbourne
PMGS, We are located in Melbourne, a team of young energetic & creative minds. All our web design projects are done 100% in Melbourne locally, so website design process with PMGS will be smoother. As a small growing web design company, we always look after our clients and tries to make them happy even if we have to go the extra mile for it.
WordPress is a world-class open-source CMS, Around the world, over 25% of the website is built and design with WordPress. Also, from the websites that use a CMS, over 45% is WordPress. These numbers will encourage anyone to design their website with WordPress. Not only that but also easily manageable backend & substantial online community support will help that decision.
As WordPress experts & SEO experts, we know the power behind WordPress. Especially in terms of SEO WordPress CMS websites are the leading CMS out there. Who follows Google standards, which will make our lives easier when we roll out our on-page SEO once the website is designed.

Woocommerce Web Design

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin which has built to create online shopping websites or a shopping cart platform. In Melbourne, Australia, for WooCommerce websites we can configure shipping with postcodes also any payment gateway from any bank. Also, any third party processors like Paypal, Stripe even Eway. Again as WordPress and WooCommerce are very SEO friendly, so we strongly recommended them to our clients.
web design melbourne

Our Recent Works

Website key Features

Modern Design

We know that look matters, but not only that. Conversions also necessary, so when we design we’ll have the looks and conversion, both strategies even simple, user-friendly layout.

Responsive Website Design

According to Google, over 70% in Australia uses a smartphone these days. So your website being able to view in any mobile device is a must. NO STRESS we got you covered all our designs will fit right into any mobile device including tablets.

Landing Pages

Now, if you do any marketing campaign for your company, you’ll need landing pages for each campaign, right? With our CMS, you can easily create as many as landing pages when required without being an expert on web design.

Marketing Pop-Ups

Your website will be equipped to have pop-ups in anywhere you want. For example, when someone visits your website and after browsing when that customer tries to leave the page, we can give a pop-up and ask that person to subscribe to our mail list. In here we are creating the pop up to be activated with the browser close intention of the user. Smart isn’t it?

On-Page SEO Ready

Being one of the leading SEO Provider in Melbourne, We always look after the SEO factors when we code. Also, we will do on-page SEO fixes to make sure we have over 80 on-page scores with the website. In here, we need to work together to fix the contents to achieve the desired on-page SEO score.

Google Analytics

We will set up Google analytics account if needed or will add the current tags if you already have an account. So that you can get to know what’s happening with your website. The number of users you get to the site in a month or how many people sent you a msg via the website (For this you have to set up Goals in Google Analytics).

Website redesign checklist

Development Workspace URL

Create a temporary URL for the new website is essential. As then, you can let the current site to function as normal without interrupting visitors/customer. Also, you can keep looking at your new website too.

Identify Your Goals

This is easy, simple, why are you redesigning? Answer to this is your goal. If you keep that in mind through the whole process, you can get the best out of your new website.

Find Inspiration (Look at Competitors)

This is always fun, start looking at your customers and analyse their websites. If they have excellent attractive things, let’s try to bering in some ideas from them to our new website.

Redesign Your Website

Now the fun begins, dive in the redesign. Starting from layouts to final draft, your redesign will progress in stages of course. Where we always check our end goal with the new website, to make sure that we on the right track.

Responsive Design in 2020

With Mobile index first rule of Google, this is a must. All your pages, header & footer must look good in all devices Desktops, Laptops, Tablets & Mobiles. You need to spend some time to test and make sure it does look good. Very important!

Optimise Your Site

One thing that you shouldn’t forget is on-page optimisation. At the same time, you are designing the new website, it’s an excellent opportunity to tick all on-page optimisation. Again very important to get this correct.

AMP website design

Like we’ve discussed before, with mobile indexing first rule from Google, this holds the key in 2020. Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) is a must nowadays. You have to tick this as well.

Site speed check

This is also equally important, you can test your site by Google PageSpeed and do the necessary fixing. Having a faster loading website is equally important as you get only a few seconds to impress your visitor.

Test Your New Website

It’s always good to do the cross-browser testing of your redesigned website just to make sure it works well with everyone. Also final testing before putting you new website live.
website design melbourne

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