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What are the Pros & Cons of SEMrush?

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What is SEMrush?

SEMrush, founded in 2008 by Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov is an SEO tool kit which most SEO strategists use to help gain an insight on a competition or even have grasp an idea on how a team should lead their website to gain a better engagement and traffic to your business.



It also helps to conduct SEO research with content optimization related needs like keyword research, niche research, content strategies, back link audits and also competitive analysis. As a matter of fact, using SEMrush has helped digital marketing agencies to obtain the right data, insights and assists you to come up with a strategic working plan that can help boost up your website without any hassle.

As this also enables free monitoring of a website, you can see how a website is doing along with its competition. Using SEMrush allows you access to other competitor’s websites which engage in probably gaining more traffic and engagement.

Some Pro Features of SEMrush:

  • Complete organic searches

Complete organic searches


SEMrush uses specific SEO tools to help adopt and easier and clean search. Instead of having to wonder about what your competitor’s keywords are (which are ranking) you can now stay one step ahead and that is simply by using the SEO toolkit option on the dashboard and do a keyword research report and look for those actual organic searches.

  • Monitor Changes

Monitor Changes


Okay, so this is a simple one, don’t you have to regularly and frequently re-check for keywords changes over time, for a business one must always keep adapting to new life changes as so does the keywords. The truth is SEMrush, keeps an eye on any changes that happens in a competitor’s website or ours. As a matter of fact, there are a number of changes such as website ranking, keyword changing and even the flow of traffic and engagement. This is very beneficial as it can help you to obviously, be one step ahead from your competition.

  • Backlinks

Whether you are trying to find your competitor’s backlinks are coming from or just want to see how you can come up with ideas as to how to create backlinks… SEMrush has it all for you, with the SEMrush Audit tool you can easily acquire a list of spam backlinks and use them to connect it to your website. This is probably the easiest way to generate an income as well as gain more traffic to the website.


Don’t you find it disastrous when you have to go through each and every single social platform and share it? Wouldn’t it be nice if you can have it all in one place controlled and ready to post? Well with SEMrush you can now, easily control the place and time where you post your Ads and posts. As a matter of fact, having a social media page (or business account) can help you tremendously as it will give people an interest to be in touch and interact one-on-one with your website/business.

Social Media


  • Analysing websites together

Okay… So first things first, you may often get frustrated when you don’t get the idea of how your competitor is doing better that your business. Well, one of the ways that you can stand one step ahead is by trying to monitor your competitor’s websites and compare with yours. Analysing your competitor’s website can help you gain an insight about how far and well multiple competitors are doing and compare it with yours.

Analysing websites together

What’s better?

You can track changes and monitor the most popular keywords which are being used of all time. This will grant plenty of access and help to boost the engagement of your website.

  • Traffic Analytics

If you are interested to look at how your competitor’s traffic is being generated. SEMrush uses a traffic analytics that will help you to plan ahead in regards to your content strategy. When you look at the SEMrush analytics you can see if they are paid searches or organic searches. It can be beneficial for you to see if they are really organic or just a paid Google Ad or your competitor’s business website is boosted using through Social media.

Traffic Analytics

  • Auditing tool

An audit tool that is pretty influential which even helps you to prioritize SEO issues like https, hreflang, and other AMP issues. As a matter of fact, the whole auditing tool will help you to get the best website in a healthy condition. When you know what is wrong with the website, you can immediately rectify the errors and give the attention that the website needs. Now with SEMrush, you can take care of your website’s health and see if the meta titles, and other SEO related issues can be taken care of.


  • On-page SEO

The SEMrush on page SEO checker will help you be able to rank and get better traffic to your website using the best techniques and will give a push to help you fix any errors that need to be changed. As a matter of fact, think of the on page SEO checker as a filter which helps to eradicate the toxic elements in your website. To help make your website much accessible for our visitors, when we use the on page SEO checker it makes our website more perfect.

  • On-page SEO
  • Comparison and CPC Map

These tools have enabled any digital marketer an ease to use and it isn’t really necessary to hire anyone who is an expert genius. As a matter of fact, you can easily track activities of up to 5 competitors simultaneously which can benefit and do a compare and contrast with your own website. The CPC map can help you with the CPC rates and data for A/B testing and such.


Comparison and CPC Map

As a matter of fact, the SEMrush tool is a digital marketer’s dream as it helps you with everything that is necessary, whether it is keyword research, to sneaking up on competitor’s activities it gives you an idea to make intelligent digital marketing decisions.

Some Cons of using SEMrush:

  • Not a clear user interface

 Although the SEMrush is pretty helpful, the interface can sometimes overwhelm a beginner. And if you are someone who is constantly needing to pick up immediately and start the tool, it may likely be impossible to understand it. In other words, the tool has very key features which helps in solving technical aspects of a website. Therefore, you may only understand it once you follow the SEMrush academy tutorials and practise yourself.

Not a clear user interface

  • SEMrush login

Have you left your SEMrush unused for a couple of minutes and reload a page? What happens? Well, one of the cons is that SEMrush requests you to keep logging in after a period of time if you haven’t used in. It automatically kicks you out, which means that the constant logging in can be a nuisance, which means you have to login again and again if not used.

SEMrush login

  • Fear factor

SEMrush users generally have a hard time when it comes to bidding. As a matter of fact, SEMrush sends out one too many warnings which try to get subscribers, however if it becomes a big nuisance it often has the opposite reaction from the customers. What’s worse is that often digital marketers have lost the ability to wow clients over. The stipulation of fear mongering emails can be the biggest downside of the software.

Fear factor

  • It’s way too advanced

Although SEMrush has helped a whole heap of digital marketers out there, it can take quite some getting used to. Even if you have watched a tutorial or two, it really depends on how much you get a hands on experience with this SEO toolkit. Although it has a wide variety of tools that can either help with keyword research, content planning and advertising. A beginner will definitely have a massive problem trying to adjust to the whole toolkit and how to use it properly.

  • Ad spent data

In reality, SEMrush has been helpful with creating and using Ad examples. However, the amount of money that is spent on an Ad campaign can be quite overly over the top. I fact, often times the toolkit can glitch and create a little more problems than it should. When this happens, it renders the whole toolkit to be unresponsive which can be a hard time for digital marketers.

Ad spent data

  • Search results from Google

This may not be a problem for most SEMrush users, however, SEMrush generates activities only that is being generated from Google, whereas other tools like Ahref’s provides data from other search engines like msn and even yahoo. In reality, a lot of people tend to use Google as their go to. But, it would be better to have an idea from where exactly the traffic is being generated from.

Search results from Google

  • One user Account

The SEMrush account only has one user account, as we all know with the SEMrush plans on the website, it can be expensive and a lot of start-up digital marketing companies cannot really afford an expensive package, let alone to buy additional seating.

One user Account