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How and Why your website need a FREE SEO Audit Report!

How and Why your website need a FREE SEO Audit Report!


Struggling to rank your website in search engines?

Every website would compete to rank at the top of search results. The most common and the world’s most used search engine is Google, the most common and highly used search engine. And team PMGS has a direct partnership with Google and a team extremely specialised in all aspects of Google, from organic to paid strategies.

Rectify your loopholes.

With the free SEO audit report that PMGS provides, you can have a 360-degree analysis of your website, helping you spot the pain points to be rectified while recommending how to further develop the areas that are currently performing well.

The cure will not always be to fix the flaws. But while fixing them, you may also improve the areas that are already performing well but will help you even better if you give them more prominence.

Loading speed above 3 seconds will lose 40% of your website visitors!

A recent study has proven that you are likely to lose 40% of your site visitors if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, and every additional second will cost nearly 7% of your visitors.

This would be just about your page loading time.

Why should you have an SEO audit report?

  • Google updates and algorithm changes.

As Google is the main player in the search engine game, it also has frequent updates in its algorithm, which would require a web maintenance team to be more updated about the latest trends and what metrics are used to rank on Google and what latest strategies that can be applied.

  • The detailed report would enhance your SEO knowledge and help you apply more strategies.

SEO has a lot more strategies than we actually think. It can help you deep-dive into areas where you were only following the basics and yet received good results. Have you ever thought to yourself how further improving it could benefit you?

  • While the manual free SEO audit report requires time and in-depth knowledge, this is just a matter of a few clicks.

If you are planning to do a manual SEO audit report on your website, then the first most important question would be your level of expertise in SEO and the tools you would need to use. And depending on your knowledge, the time to generate a report may vary. However, it will require a long time for an expert to do it manually and if you are going to learn as you do the report. There are high chances of missing out on important areas.

  • Our free SEO audit covers a complete area of your brand’s digital marketing.

The free SEO audit report will even touch on your social media performance, which people would think is irrelevant for SEO, but it has a huge impact on this. If you are using social media to drive in traffic for your website, then the level of visitors remaining on your website is detected by Google. In the same way, people might search it up on Google later if they get to know about it via social media. And these can be improved by having high quality social media content, the right hashtag strategy, understanding what your audience expects from you and what paid ad strategy can be used on the platforms you use.

  • Assess how well your backlinks are working and how they can be improved further.

There are some individuals that have not yet realised the importance of backlinks and interlinking. These are 2 strategies you can use to drive in new visitors to the website while also making them stay on the website. But, it is important to understand the possible areas that can be further improved to increase website traffic and reduce bounce rate with content that retains the website visitor.

  • PMGS Digital generates an SEO audit report with a checklist that covers all the necessary areas.

PMGS Digital has its own set of checklists, but it is not usually shared with our respective customers since this can change very often. The trend of digital marketing has constant changes, and if we share a certain checklist and the receiver uses it after a change has occurred, then the user might think that we misled them. At the same time, we do not know when a change or update might happen, which makes it impossible for us to give an expiration date.

So, in order to avoid all these complications, we do not share it with our respective clients and keep it confidential.

How can you receive a FREE SEO audit report?

PMGS Digital provides a FREE SEO audit report to everyone with a website. We believe that every business has its own position in digital. And search engines play a major part in it.

Our team would suggest the best practises you could implement to develop the current presence and performance of your brand’s digital aspect.

Which would later be helpful for your web maintenance team or especially if you have an internal digital marketing team.

If you are ready to make the next best move for your brand in digital, get your website a FREE SEO audit report and fix things right!

Your SEO audit guide by PMGS!

  1. Fill in your website and email.
  2. Click on the action button.
  3. Check your email inbox in a few minutes to see a detailed SEO report.

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