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A traditional “Thank You” page can be much more convenient compared to Google Tag Manager to track conversion!

Thank you page

A traditional “Thank you” page is usually the last page that appears after a webpage visitor ends a certain action. This can be used for many purposes, such as e-commerce and form submissions.

The reason why you should have a Thank You page

If you have a Thank You page on your website, you can ensure it loads only after a certain action is completed. On the other hand, if you have only one button to click to complete an action and then it redirects you to the home page, and if by any chance some error occurs on the webpage while loading and the user happens to click it multiple times, every click will be counted as one on Google Tag Manager (GTM) while it is the same person that makes the click. Which will cause inaccuracy of data and will mislead the process of decision making of a business. But this can be avoided by having an end page load as the process ends.

Benefits of having a Thank You page

Having a Thank You page on your webpage after a certain action ends can benefit you in multiple ways to achieve multiple business objectives. If you need to raise awareness, you can promote your social media pages for the audience to engage in, while at the same time, if you are looking to drive in sales, you can suggest the new products or promotions that are currently on-going within your business. And if you are willing to use your Thank You page with an in-depth application of website analytics, you can suggest more products or services that the user is currently engaged in. As an example, if the user just purchased a power bank, the page can suggest a mobile cable. And if the visitor read an article about cars and submitted a form about an inquiry, you can recommend another article about common problems in cars that the user will be interested in. This will further improve the time that a visitor stays on your webpage. Furthermore, this can also be useful for retargeting to the consumers who left the page due to loading errors or any technical error cause from their end. But this shall help you keep them engaged as this set of customers who lost track on the middle of the process can be retargeted with contents that are customized specifically to them.


Having an additional task for your webpage designing will only cost a small amount of money and a few extra working hours, but it will help you avoid making the wrong decision and also help you keep proper track of the completion process. To learn more on how to make wise moves in your digital marketing, check out our blogs and enhance your knowledge