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Tips to create an SEO strategy

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When you have a website and you are new to creating an online presence there are a few strategies that one must follow to ensure that you make the best out of getting your website ranked to the first page.

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An SEO strategy is the process of organizing a website’s content by topic, and the keywords within that topic. You can help to increase your short tail keywords as well as your long tail keywords by playing around and looking for that expertise from Google’s point of view and ensure the ranking and traffic engagement related to those topics.

Here is a list below of a few tips that you can try to enhance your SEO strategies to ensure a better generating of traffic and visitors.

Make a list of keywords

When you say the word ‘SEO’ immediately the thought of keywords pop into your mind. And that’s because using a set of keywords can help you to generate an adequate traffic to your website. Keywords as a matter of fact is the heart of SEO.


To begin making a list, you can scribble up a few random words that is associated with your website/product and service and then do a little digging around to see how popular or how frequent these words were searched on Google.  By using SEO tools like Ahref’s and SEMrush even Google keyword tools, you will find that it can be easily accomplished.

Use search volume and competition

When you are scanning through the list you just compiled narrow down 10-15 short keywords that are representing your business. Rank this list by a monthly search volume report to help you get the ideal list of keywords you can use for your website.

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Make a list of long-tail keywords

Making a list of long-tail keywords can help ensure that you get the best attraction rate of visitors to your website. By using subtopics, you can expand and write more content which people are interested in.

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If your content is specific, the more your audience will want to look into the articles and blog content that you write, which eventually will be converted into traffic, which turns to more leads.

Having a topic with long-tail keywords can give your audience an interest about the content you produce.

Pages for each keyword

Now, this may sound alarming. But, I promise you it isn’t. When you have a list of keywords and you highlight the pages for the specific pages. This generates a high SEO count and generates ample traffic to your website.

Use your scribbled words to decide how many pages you will need to create for each keyword there is. When you begin to write the content ensure that there is relevant content with associated keywords with the products, services or business details.

Allowing to use pictures and back links can help you to generate a better rate in leads also that it gives the SEO to pick up a higher rate to your website.

Start a blog

Blogging has become one of the best ways to help to generate your website’s traffic. After all, this is the only one content that keeps changing and adding more SEO with keywords that can help to rank your websites and businesses to Google’s search result page.


As a matter of fact, the more content you write, the more leads and traffic you get for your website which then later results to growing your business.

However, when you begin blogging here are a few tips to remember when you are using to write a blog and they are:

1. Do NOT use long-tailed keywords often

When you are first writing an article, you don’t need to write a keyword too many times otherwise, the SEO tools may take it as stuffing, as in you are over doing it. If you overuse your keywords your website can more or less be penalized and it will drop your rankings.


2. Link your page to the products/service page of your choice

This will help you to ensure that you get the views and backlinks to and within the website. When you have a product with the same keyword, you can definitely try and link the product with the blog post. As a matter of fact, you may also use a form of tags in the content management system (CMS) as a base.

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When and if you generate a steady linking within the website Google understands that there is a relationship between the two links, which then onwards will allow the future audience to see the homepage of the website.

Blog with consistency

When you begin a schedule for your blog posts you can generate a steady flow of traffic to your website. Often enough, the audience, will come back, if not for the products, then at least to keep up with the news and your company. There are a number of different ways to help you be creative with your blog posting. Also, apart from writing… Figure out the best time to post your articles. After all, we do need people to read it. Keep in mind that the blog is only for prospective clients and audience and not for Google.

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Backlink strategy plan

Often times, when you have a business, that is running, you must ensure that traffic is being constantly generated; the main way to help establish this missing bridge is to connect different websites and pages to your website. There is a different way to do this, but the easiest way is to this by guest blogging – which identically means that you write articles on news pages which then allows you to make a hyperlink on a specific keyword which connects the bridge

Having a strategic back link plan for a monthly basis can help get you the visitors to come to your website even by clicking the link if they are interested. This helps us as well to understand from where the traffic is coming from.


Compress the media on your website

Haven’t we all had that problem where we want to see an image or picture quickly and it doesn’t load as fast enough? Well, this is a common factor when it comes to website blogging. The truth is, we all assume that pictures have to be clear and high definition if we want our visitors to enjoy it. However, that’s not the case.


By compressing our pictures and media, we allow our visitors to take a glance at what is exactly happening or rather what they are seeing on the website. As a matter of fact, many people would rather opt in looking at visuals rather than scroll through and read a whole paragraph without an example either. This is where images and media play a huge part to establish an imaginative growth to our audience.

How does the SEO practice work?

The SEO process, can be a hard one to implement, however, with careful and meticulous planning you can generate a good amount of traffic and leads to your website. It is all about how to find the little mistakes that you often forget to check:

  • Re-check all your previous SEO work
  • Keep updating with the number of keywords and list that are popular
  • Add more nuance to your content

If you make sure to implement a system flow or calendar for you then the SEO strategy you use can help you to get the best end results for your online website.

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