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Office 365 Email Service- From Nothing to Everything

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office 365

Microsoft is a name that has earned reputation for its seamless software products like operating system, office tools, E-mail services etc. Every product from the house of Microsoft believes in making the life of user simpler and easy going. The latest offering from the Microsoft brand is Office 365. This comprises a suite of software subscriptions that helps customers to establish their online business successfully. Its service comprises of using Microsoft applications on Windows and other operating systems, providing storage in the Microsoft cloud storage, 60 minutes of Skype, office emails, social networking services through different web hosts and online access to MS office. This is a straight competition for the Google Apps and in many ways this suite is proving to be more useful and helpful for the customers.

Cloud based operations

How does an unrestricted web access to email help budding entrepreneurs? It is a boon as one can access work mail, review and read documents, synchronize contacts and mark calendar events anywhere and elsewhere. And the best part is this office 365 email service is platform-independent. One can use it on Apple, Blackberry or even Android smart phones. It also adds a plug in to view and edit MS word and Adobe documents from the web browser itself.


Secured communication

When business emails are in the picture, security is the prime concern. With Office 365 email service one can create a highly secured password protected network to share large email files within the organization and outside as well. There are provisions for one on one chat and web based live meeting convenience where participants can log into a virtual meeting space at the same time irrespective of their location. It offers 50 GB mail box and each attachment can be up to 25 MB. The best part is all these features are available for a very small pricing.

Secured communication

Usability and efficiency

Office 365 email services are easy to configure and use. Anyone with minimal IT knowledge would be able to use this wonderful service on the cloud. One need not install any pre-requisite to avail and use office 365 email services. The trial version is available and one can create a trial account to understand how quick, easy the features are to explore. The clutter feature remembers user preferences and categorizes email based on relevance. With amazing help documentation and tutorials one can spend more time on improving business relations rather than sit and learn how to use the service.

The last but most important feature which makes Office 365 email service is its cost effectiveness. For a fair price one can get a wide range of usable features that makes business email communication very easy and more trustworthy. Kudos to the makers of office 365 email services!