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Internet Marketing Versus Traditional Marketing! Do Techniques Change With Time?

Internet Marketing Versus Traditional Marketing ft

‘Sales job’. This used be the most coveted job that people were proud to get associated to erstwhile. But as time progressed by, these jobs became not so interesting and mundane. A reason for this paradigm shift could be attributed to the tremendous growth of digital marketing trends. While in traditional marketing techniques huge amount of man power and print media was involved, the latest digital techniques requires just few hours of internet and some cool networking methods. Though the underlying concept is the same, digital internet marketing has definitely earned few brownie points more than traditional marketing techniques. Here are the reasons why it is so:

Widespread connect

With many people hooked to internet and social medium, internet marketing provides a great connect between audience and product owners. With such a widespread platform, understanding customer needs via a poll and presenting exactly what they wish in the best story board comes easily for internet marketing experts.


The traditional marketing techniques are static while the internet marketing ones are dynamic. In the former technique if a plan fails, then it takes quite some time to revise the strategy and again hit people. While in the internet marketing strategies can be planned on the fly and revised easily that helps the business owner.

Social media marketing

Encourages automations

From designing banners and scrolls to measuring customer activity; there are plenty of automatic tools available online to aid in internet marketing. For example, with Google analytics one can measure the peak hour during which the website is accessed, the traffic towards website etc. These high tech resources make promotional campaigns easy to handle and thereby helping businesses to grow.

Cost effective

Internet marketing is cost-effective compared to traditional marketing techniques. With an unlimited broad band connection or a data plan one can save lot of time and effort. The old techniques require a lot of stationary like paper, printer, cartridge etc which cost a huge hole in the pocket. Also when one needed to put hoardings or vinyl paintings to publicize a product, all the internet marketing needs is a Face book fan page update or a new tweet, thereby saving plenty of money.

Brand building

Internet marketing has a good chance for quick brand building. With supplementary techniques like email marketing, social media marketing, every business can quickly reach customer base and grab their interest with their novel promotional strategies. Day to day updates, news brochures, email messages, chat messages etc. keep the customers curious to know more about the business and hence builds a great brand for the product.

Internet Marketing Versus Traditional MarketingWhile these advantages make internet marketing ideal for today’s web driven businesses, but the traditional marketing still holds good for local retailers. While time has changed the technology through which marketing reaches customer, the basic traits of market segmentation, user survey, good story telling for product promotion etc. holds still the same in both. In conclusion, it can be said that over time digital marketing has evolved as a better medium with the help of latest techniques to reach customers as its speed is good, data analysis and measurement techniques are less error prone and customer interaction is more structured and documented. Go online is thus the motto!