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Have You Heard about the Three C ‘S of Search Engine Optimization?

Have You Heard about the Three C S of Search Engine Optimization ft

Statistics says that every year plenty of B2B companies float their online websites for improving their business value. With numerous websites on the block, how does a user gets directed to the most efficient and usable one from a search engine? While you might give credits to the intelligent usage of keywords while searching, the real credit goes to the search engine optimization that websites deploy to get a high hit rate. The search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique in which the website contents are re-organized based on keywords used in search. Here are the three C’s that SEO techniques need to create a brand and make your business website numero Uno:

Compelling Content

What is there in content? This is what many question when SEO experts try to explain about content management. Content forms the backbone of any website. Compelling contents along with an aesthetic look makes a website an instant hit. The content should not be duplicated from generic websites like Wikipedia or other common ones. The originality and quality of the content keeps it intriguing and educative. Hence the first C that dictates SEO is a good quality and informative content.

3 cs of seo



Now that you have got the best writers on the block and written beautiful and meaningful content for your website, you need to check for the correctness of the same. There are plenty of plagiarism issues which can brand your website as a duplicate entity. Along with search engine optimization, the search engine reputation management techniques stand a chance to check the correctness of what is presented to the user. Interactive and conversational content avoids copy paste which helps in keeping the rank of the website high.

Conversion rate

The third most important C that pertains to search engine optimization is conversion rate. This, unlike the first two, is a result of good search engine optimization techniques. A high conversion rate means higher hit rate that tells you that the website has been liked by many visitors. But for a higher conversion rate, your website must have high user interaction, high amount of personalization, customer to content mapping etc. which are the high points of using SEO while designing websites. Thus conversion rate is directly proportional to the amount of SEO techniques used in website design.

Every website is created with the idea to offer best services for those who visit and seek help from it. Search engine optimization works with the same motto through which the users are led to the appropriate website based on the search key word. When the right content is matched with the right strategy and presented neatly to the customer, the website becomes a hit. Thus, internet marketing strategists value these SEO strategies as their top priority while analyzing a business website