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Website firewalls Service

PMGS IT Solutions cares for your website’s security and that is why we have uniquely designed the website firewall that can work effortlessly on all types of platforms including  well-known brands like the WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. The simple configuration has been made keeping the end-user usage in mind. We are a reputed company specializing in providing users with flawless security benefits since the start of the security industry.

What we do?

DDos Mitigation

The reason why you get those huge bandwidth bills and excessive downtimes in your website is due to the DDos or the distributed denial of service attacks. The percentage of such attacks has risen quite a lot and they can easily disrupt your highly effective website. By getting DDos mitigation done, you can rescue your business by taking your website offline. So, with the activated website firewall, you can protect your website by the default option.

Malware prevention

Getting website firewall done helps your website from welcoming unwanted guests, i.e., malware. If you have done the needful of allowing enough protection to your website, then this can stop your website from getting severely infected that would also help in protecting your brands reputation. Nobody wants to invite online visitors that can unknowingly install a Trojan or other kinds of viruses and also maybe steal our valuable credentials from various social media platforms and so on.

Prevent Website Attacks and Hacks

One of the vital reasons for website hacks is weak insecure codes. Hackers try every means to crack the weak code with new techniques, making way for the revelation of the code. To ensure such situations don’t arise, it is better to get website firewall done that protects such vulnerabilities from getting exploited.

Performance Optimization

If your website’s security is highly on risk, then the performance of your website is likely to be hampered too. To eliminate this concern and improve the website’s performance, it is best if you get our website firewall done. This is not just going to optimize performance, but also your brand’s reputation in the web server.

Brute Force Defense

Brute Force attack has been gaining popularity due to the immense number of hacks being done in the website by combination method. The hackers try even means to hack your username and password with various combination options, which if successful, provides access to the website. To make sure you escape such harsh attacks, you can rely on us for your businesses safety and security by getting website firewalls done.

website firewall

So, are you looking to provide your brand website the ample amount of protection and security that it deserves? Definitely you are! Wait no longer and come down for a cup of coffee with us to discuss how we can help you further, maybe?

What our clients say about our Services

  • 100% punctuality with high quality service. Fulfilling customer requirements with innovation. I’m a highly satisfied customer and would like to recommend for others. Keep the good work up.

    Tishan Amarasena
    Tishan Amarasena
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    Gulmira Askar
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    Halil .A
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