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Top Tips to Design Light-Weight Web Portals for Business Use

How quick does your banking application load in your web browser during peak hours? A long weekend is around the corner and you are eager to visit your home town.

How many times you go berserk while the website shows you the loading screen for eternity? Many e-commerce websites hang forever when there is a sale announced. These are typical situation when the website is too heavy to load and the number of users trying to access the website is more in number. In the era of high speed internet, such slow websites do not make a mark among customers and thus comes the need to design easy to load light-weight websites that can be accessed easily in a smart phone or PC. Here are top tips from experts to design the most efficient website for customer use:

Make it single page

The best idea to make the website light weight is to try and contain the contents if possible into a single page design. The links to other gateways can be added to make the website complete. You can use the Google analytics and other tools to estimate the peak traffic hours and number of customers visiting the page etc. to decide how to make the website light weight and easy to load.

Keep it short and simple

Contents of the website are like the fine designs in dresses. When they are placed at regular intervals they look neat. When cluttered it makes the dress so overbearing. Similarly, while designing a website, you should present the content in a nice layout with appropriate color code so that they look informative, attractive and also easy to load and read.

Divide the content and present neatly

Many a time, you may design the website well but while placing contents you could really go wrong. You might tend to place all the information in the same page like messages, citations, FAQ’s, testimonials etc. might slow down the website completely. An ideal solution would be to divide information into assorted web pages and place a link to each other in each page. This greatly helps the users to load the page fast.

Keep the graphics minimal

Is there a need for flash based heavy graphics while loading the home page? It might look attractive for a kids gaming website but for serious e-commerce portals it consumes so much memory and also time. Thus if you wish to load your business website faster, you have to say ‘no’ to heavy graphics.

Reduce ad pop-ups

This is by far the most annoying thing for a website as it creates hindrance for it to load faster. Pop-up ad’s not only block your websites and prevents it from loading faster but these also distract and annoy the visitors. Hence you must try and avoid overlay of these advertisements and carousels that might slow down your business website.Irrespective of your device’s RAM capacity, web pages must be loaded quickly on to the browser to keep the users engaged and happy. With many software tools like Google web light and several others that assist developers in creating light weight business websites, creating light weight websites has brought a paradigm change in the web development industry that helps business ventures to flourish and grow big everyday!

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