Foraying into Web Hosting Services? Learn the Basics Here

Web hosting services are the most primary and essential services for online business set up. What is the use of creating wonderful websites with amazing content if they are not hosted and shared with public? The web hosts are responsible for making business websites visible to the outside world. No matter what is the size of the website, be it a small brochure website or a large CRM website- a simple web hosting service does the honors of renting out a server space there by making the business build a brand in the digital world. If you are interested in entering the web hosting service provider market, you need complete knowledge on the basics of web hosting that will help you resolve your client’s doubts. Here are some pointers that check if your basics are better than your competitors.


The categories

The first lesson that you need to know before venturing into web-hosting is what kind of web host do you wish to become for each of your client? There are three types of hosting available namely shared hosting, dedicated hosting and VPS hosting. The differences between each type primarily depend on the size of website the client wishes to host and also on the traffic that the website is expected to hold. The pricing of these three servers vary considerably and this is where your intelligence as a web hosting service provider has to pitch in. You must be able to convince your client with respect to the exact choice and requirement without bringing money as a constraint. For example when your client requires a scalable server as he is not aware of the actual traffic expected, instead of a dedicated server he should opt for a VPS hosting. These suggestions from you as input help the client in his growth in business.

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The parameters

While a client asks you how to choose his web host, you should first ask his requirement, his business perspective and then propose him the ideal web hosting service based on the parameters like cost, efficiency, resources involved, usability and scalability.

The best way to impress your client is by drawing a comparative chart and explaining how the cost and other factors would vary if he chooses shared, dedicated or VPS hosting services; with this the clients can understand your point of view clearly

Domain names and tools

Choosing a domain name for your client can be made interesting if you are well versed with the tools and other automation services available. Keyword analysis tools, domain name generator tools, domain name auction tools where in you can buy a domain name from an existing site which is willing to sell etc. help in satisfying the client’s needs easily.It is a proven fact that professional web hosting helps business websites to stay clear of all infrastructure and logistic troubles faced in the case of self-hosting, namely server down time due to redundant power failure, slow connectivity and non-availability of a static IP address and hardware maintenance. All you need to run a top class web hosting service is the ability to provide high end technical support for your clients 24*7 and assure their websites will never hit the down time.

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