PMGS Digital Marketing aims to enhance your website’s online presence to perform at its most optimal level.

From brochure websites, to dedicated servers, online stores, WordPress powered websites and large scale interactive sites, we have the skills and knowledge to manage each and every web hosting service.

With our services, you can rest assured you are covered with our comprehensive security measures that help guard your website against malicious viruses and spam. We configure your website to an easy-to-use control panel to better measure its performance.

We aim to surpass your expectations with our attention to detail and expertise – whether it be a fully customised site or a flexible, simple design. Our customers gain an invaluable competitive edge where we use only the latest technology to grow your business and website. With our expert support team on call and wealth of web hosting solutions, we strive to streamline your work to be easy, reliable, and powerful.


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Technical Specifications

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Server Location

Our servers are based in Australia, so you can rest assured your website will run seamlessly compared to that of an overseas server. We’re a leading web hosting service provider based locally that you can trust.

Greater Bandwidth

Enjoy faster load times and high site speeds when we incorporate greater bandwidth into your website. You’ll be astonished at the rate to which your data gets transferred.

24/7 Customer Support

Whenever you need assistance with your website, we’re here for you. Our team of experts are but a phone call away for all your website needs.

Higher Data Transfer

One size doesn’t always fit all, that’s why we offer a range of web hosting plans. We’ll recommend you a package based on the needs of your business and the volume of traffic to your website.

Storage Capability

We’ll discuss your storage requirements to determine the capacity most suited to your needs. Whether you’re a small business with a lower content volume or conducting a large-scale ecommerce business, we will tailor storage to best suit you.

Backup System

When misfortune strikes, your website can be up and running in no time with our backup system. Our file backup systems keeps a perfect account of your website to restore it when issues arise.

Types Of Web Hosting

Yes, the type of web hosting matters! If you’re a small or medium sized business, you may benefit most from shared hosting. You can also choose us if you wish to go for VPS or dedicated hosting server. No matter which type you choose, with PMGS you’ll get greater returns on your investment.

Great Server Uptime

Enjoy maximised and guaranteed server uptime with our web hosting solutions. SSL/Wildcard certificates

While the internet can be a boundless digital wonderland, there is a sinister side too. When building a website, it is crucial to get it SSL encrypted to protect the personal information of your customers. We’re a well-renowned IT solutions service provider, so we can ensure the privacy of your customers and business

What We Do

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Protect Your Customers Privacy

Your customers can shop comfortably knowing their private information such as credit card details, passwords etc. are safe and protected with your SSL encrypted website.

Secured Date Encryption

We provide SSL certificates that have the capability to secure data encryption up to almost 256 bit encryption, therefore converting data into an impenetrable code. Help prevent hackers from accessing your website with highly encrypted SSL certificates.

Secured Site Seal

Reassure your customers of the security of your website with the trusted seal letting them know your site is SSL encrypted. Get secured with us to keep your customers faith in your business.

Increase Your Google Ranking

By encrypting your website with SSL certificates, google can improve your websites ranking and boost it to a top organic position. HTTPS will only benefit your business.

Improve Buyer Confidence

When you have your website SSL encrypted with PMGS web solutions, you and your clients can visit your website with confidence knowing their data is highly protected.

Ensure Browser Compatibility For All

No matter what browser your customers use, be it Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape or AOL, our websites will work perfectly all of them. We trust that the SSL certificates that we provide should conveniently work on all browsers and create a great user experience.

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