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SSL / Wildcard Certificates

In this digital world, where everything seems like magic, there can be a horrible side of it too. So, if you are building a website, make sure you get it SSL encrypted to protect the card details, passwords and addresses and other personal information of your customers safe and private. Being a well renowned it solutions service provider, we look also provide SSL certificates that will ensure privacy at its best that will in a way fail the attempts of the hackers trying to steal your customer’s information.

What We Do

Allow protection to your customers

If your customer is trying to shop online or purchase a service from your website, they can be rest assured that their private information such as credit card details, passwords, etc. are safe and protected. The green tick or green padlock on the website is what determines that you have an SSL encrypted website.

Secured Site Seal

Let your customer see the seal of security on your website that would allow them to take a step ahead in joining hands with your business. This trust seal is very important as this is the only mark that determines whether your site is SSL encrypted or not. So, get it done from us to retain your customer’s faith on you.

Increase Your Google Ranking

The moment you choose to get your site encrypted by our SSL certificates and once we have done our job, Google can improve your site’s ranking by boosting it right to the top position. So, having that HTTPS in your website is definitely a good idea.

Strongly secured date encryption

We provide SSL certificates that have the capability to secure data encryption almost up to 256 bit encryption, therefore converting the necessary data into an impenetrable code. So, hacking by a third party is just not possible when your website is kept highly encrypted by our SSL certificates.

Improves Buyer Confidence

When you have got your website SSL encrypted from PMGS Web Solutions, you can be relaxed as you know your customers can purchase or visit your website with full confidence as they know their data is highly protected.

Ensures all browser compatibility

No matter what browser your customers use, be it Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape or AOL, it works perfectly fine on all of them. We trust that the SSL certificates that we provide should conveniently work on all browsers by creating a great user experience.

PMGS IT Solutions believe in your business’s safety and this is why we help you in this pathway to retain your customers trust in you and your site.

What Clients Say

PMGS IT, Fastest growing Internet marketing service provider. We pride in the rankings that we’ve achieved for our clients as well as our own website. In regards to our services, we do SEO friendly web design, pay per click, affiliate marketing, website audits, social media optimization, branding Check what our clients say about us below.

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