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How Can SEO Benefit My Business?

If you have a website, you’ve undoubtedly heard of SEO. It’s a digital marketing strategy that assists search engines in understanding your content and the potential customers who may be interested in it, but how exactly does it add value to your business to make it a worthwhile investment? We’ve outlined the 5 key ways SEO can benefit your marketing strategy and reach more of your audience.

Create a better user experience

Users will spend an average of just 3 seconds waiting for a webpage to load before moving on. And scarily enough, Google knows how to interpret a favourable or unfavourable user experience so if your webpage isn’t optimised, you risk the performance of your website. SEO informs how to ensure your website is conducive to a positive user experience and keep your customers on your page.

SEO leads to quality traffic

With SEO, your website is optimised to appear only to people who are actually interested in your industry, products, and services. This means those who visit your site are more likely to convert – whether it be purchasing your products, seeking your services, and becoming your customers.

Organic get more clicks than PPC

Did you know that although PPC (pay per click) ads appear over organic search results, a whopping 71.33% of searches end with a click on an organic result on the first page? Money can buy a ranking on the first page but it can’t guarantee a customer will click on it – users appear to trust Google’s algorithm over whoever paid to appear first. Speaking of costs…

You won’t need to pay for ads with SEO

Save money on your marketing budget where you can invest in high quality content to attract traffic to your website compared to spending on ads and PPC. What’s more, there’s no ongoing cost for your content, so Google’s organic ranking may still present your website if determines to be the best result for the given query.

SEO practices help with PR

One of a major activities of SEO is acquiring backlinks – having reputable websites, news publications, industry blogs, and other relevant sites link back to your content increases how trustworthy and credible Google perceives your website to be. These quality links help establish your business and brand as a trusted authority which pays dividends in seeking and retaining customers.
SEO is an investment in your digital marketing strategy that helps take your business to the next level. There are many ways you can implement SEO in your website that will lead to tangible results. If you’re interested in how you can practice SEO, check out our blog on SEO tips for small business owners. Or if you’d rather have a professional take care of your SEO for guaranteed results, we have a guide on how to choose the best SEO consultant for the job.

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