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Three Ways to Check if Your Official Website is User-friendly

“What? Again the website requires revamping? Why? It has all the elements required for good looks, content and richness. Why does it need to be altered?”- This is the common question web designers and internet marketing expert’s face while they offer consultancy to their esteemed clients. It is very hard to convince business entrepreneurs that their official website does not look compelling for an audience. Here are few pointers which when gone through and understood well will convince any business magnet how user-friendliness of official website is the key to success. These pointers are the tips to create a user friendly website. So check these out to get inspired:

Divide and rule

The first and foremost tip to convert any website into a user friendly website is to divide the contents page wise. For example, every webpage looks neat and informative if the contents are divided into Homepage, Contact Us page, About Us page, Services Page etc. With appropriate color coding, these web pages should integrate search option that would lead them to Google or other search engine as well.

Divide and rule

Logo and Layout

Having the Company Logo is mandatory for any website. Hence while you are designing a user friendly website make sure you keep all the web pages intact with company logo on the top left corner. This makes it look neat and professional. With this arrangement, the layout of the web page can be better aligned and sub navigation controls should be placed appropriately to avoid cluttering of user controls.

Manage Content

User friendly websites are those where contents are crisp and meaningful. Hence as a primordial step you should check whether the contents are matching your requirement or not. If not, rephrase them with appropriate key words so that your search ranking is always high. In this process, there are several search engine optimization tools available online that would help in content management in the most effective way.

Make it mobile friendly

The most important tip is saved for the last. If you can assure your website is mobile friendly then it has a great user appeal. These days the majority of the users browse sites from their smart phones; hence if you have a mobile friendly or responsive version of your website that is easy to load and browse through it has high chances of a better hit rate!

Whether it is an e-commerce portal, a blogger’s paradise or even a company page; the content and the structure of the website must be simple, straightforward and also easy to navigate. This improves the usability and effectiveness of the website and adds to visitor’s happiness. Having said and done all, what one needs is a high rank and higher conversion rate for a website to stay put in business. So, next time while an internet marketing expert suggests making subtle changes in your website; do it right away. Remember it is for your own good!

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