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Cloud Computing Service

We, PMGS IT Solutions, are Australia’s popular cloud computing service providers providing quality services to our renowned clients. With the help of internet, one can assess the usage of cloud computing services anywhere as it is portable. We are the pioneers of the cloud computing service space creating new foundations of authority, organization support and full capacity of the complete IT base. While the designs are of wide ranges such as on-premises, oversaw cloud, off-premises and open cloud arrangements and so on, if you wish to get our help, you will get nothing but the best of quality and control.

What We Do

Highly customisable

To make sure your brand fits every type of complex cloud environments, we have come up with a customization that matches your requirements and also your budget.

Fully controllable

With access to your portal, you can manage your cloud environment according to your choice. It is completely up to you how you would like to control the local and the hosted clouds.

Fixed billing

The billing will be fixed. There are no hidden costs involved; therefore you pay for what you ask for. You have full control over what your billing is going to be.

Advanced networking

With a wide range of networking tools you can deploy load balancers, firewalls and networks that suit your requirements. You can allocate any possible resources to your virtual data centre as per your wish.

Achieve 100% uptime

Due to highly diverse architecture and zones in Australia, you can achieve 100% hosting uptime especially for your cloud. You would be the owner of your company and so would your data be well protected within the geographical range.

Highly reasonable

We don’t charge for other additional cloud related stuff later on. The only charge you need to bear is the monthly charge which makes it a favourite reason why our customers choose us over other cloud computing companies in Australia.

Provides reliability

The virtual servers are all certified that passes through the electronic security, physical security, network check, server allocation and storage isolation.

We provide our valuable customers a high speed LAN type of experience in our integrated cloud and network. All you need to do is take a call and leave the rest on our shoulders. We would efficiently take care of our cloud infrastructure and fulfil your requirements effectively. So, why don’t you join us at our office over a chat?

What Clients Say

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